Cut To Length Machine

3 in 1, cut to length, blanking and recoiling line


The decoiler mandrill is placed into the coil that needs to be processed,

The mandrill is then expanded manually till the outer arms are against the inner of the coil, the mandrill with the coil is then placed over the decoiler frame.

The straps holding the coil from unwinding are cut and the sheet is pulled into the pinch rollers of the leveller where the operator can now pull the sheet into the leveller by jogging the fwd./rev selector switch from the panel.

The sheet is driven forwards till it crosses the guillotine blade by at least 30mm.

The overlapping sheet is then trimmed by activating the guillotine “cut” switch

The required length and quantities are loaded into the PLC and the cycle start button is pressed.

The sheet travels forwards till the required length is reached, the machine will stop and activate the guillotine, this process is known as “CUT TO LENGTH”


Blanking is when you set your slitting knives to different widths along the width of the sheet so that when the sheet travels forward to the required length it will give you the set width and length you require, this is known as a blank


By de-activating the guillotine, thedifferent slit widths can be inserted into the Drag Box and onto the Barrel of the recoiler. The slit material is guided into the Drag Box and onto the barrel of the Recoiler by setting the spacers and separator discs at the exact strip size. The Drag Box acts as a tensioner when the recoiler winds up the slit sheet into a smaller coil as per the pre -determined widths.

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