Laser Systems

Laser cutting systems are quite advanced. The most common applications that lasers can be used for includes:



Surface treatment


Industries with high demand for these operations are usually ones that require high precision for cutting complex parts. These include parts for automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace, steel, electronics, and medical industries.

Laser systems work by using thermal energy to remove material from the workpiece by melting, vaporizing, burning, or blowing it away. This leaves a high-quality surface finish that is critical to the success of the finished product as a whole. During operation, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology directs the laser head to move about the workpiece, cutting the desired shapes with an accuracy of up to 10 micrometres on newer machines. This cutting process maintains very tight tolerances — often within .001 of an inch.

If you are on the machining side of any of the previously mentioned industries, you know there is zero room for error. These machines make that level of precision possible.

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