Shearing-metal-mechanical-vs.-hydraulics-which-is-better Shears are one of the cheapest, simplest, and most common machines on our list. These machines do exactly what you think they do: cut metal. Typically used for cutting sheet metal and aluminium, shears can also be found in places other than machine shops that cut paper, plastic, and wood.

With regard to metal thickness, shearing capabilities can range anywhere from the smallest gauges (thinnest material) all the way up to workpieces that are an inch thick. Whenever machine shops place an order for more material — whether it be mild steel, aluminium, brass, etc. — it will usually arrive in sheets. You can bet that wherever that shipment came from, those sheets were formed by a shearing machine. Shears are the backbone of the metal forming world.

There are many more types of fabrication machines out there that are crucial to certain industries and have capabilities that the machines on this list cannot perform.

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