Waterjets are among the useful and cost-efficient forms of fabrication machinery Waterjets are, by far, the most useful and cost-efficient method of cutting a variety of materials. These industrial machine tools use a combination of water and an abrasive substance to cut virtually anything, including:



Carbon steel






Stainless steel

Stones like granite and quartz


These machines are so versatile because almost no heat is generated to the workpiece — unless, of course, you're cutting steel that is at least two inches thick, which can cause temperatures to reach 120 degrees F.

Waterjets work by using high-pressure pumps, which reach speeds of anywhere from 30hp to 100+ hp, to force water out through the nozzle (commonly referred to as the “head”) to cut your material. Almost all jets have an “abrasive hopper system.” This feature incorporates a metered flow of granular abrasive, usually garnet, to aid in cutting the aforementioned materials.

Whether you are considering opening your own machine shop, or you're looking for that perfect machine to give you an edge to help your existing business grow, a waterjet is the best and most versatile machine to invest in.

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